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Firewire 800 Print

Firewire IEEE 1394B
9Pin to 4Pin   -   9Pin to 6Pin   -   9Pin to 9Pin
Connect the latest generation of high-speed Firewire 800 devices with our high-speed cables. These 9pin cables can easily handle data transfer rates up to 800MBps, twice the data throughput of the original IEEE1394 standard, making them the perfect solution for all your Firewire connectivity needs.
Firewire400 Cable: IEEE-1394, 4Pin to 4Pin - 6Pin to 4Pin - 6Pin to 6Pin Print

Firewire Cables: IEEE-1394
4Pin to 4Pin   -   6Pin to 4Pin   -   6Pin to 6Pin
Connect the latest peripherals with our IEEE 1394 FireWire cables. Supporting data transfer rates up to 400Mbps, these cables provide the high-speed connection needed for today’s high performance Firewire peripherals to communicate with a PC or with each other.

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