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Acronyms and Abbreviations related to HDMI Print

ANSI              American National Standards Institute 

AVI                Auxiliary Video Information 

CEA              Consumer Electronics Association 

CEC              Consumer Electronics Control 

CTS               Cycle Time Stamp 

DDC              Display Data Channel 

DDWG           Digital Display Working Group 

DTV               Digital Television 

DVD              Digital Versatile Disc 

DVI                Digital Visual Interface 

E-DDC           Enhanced Display Data Channel 

E-EDID          Enhanced Extended Display Identification Data 

ECC              Error Correction Code 

EDID              Extended Display Identification Data 

EIA                Electronic Industries Alliance 

HDCP            High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection 

HDMI             High-Definition Multimedia Interface 

HDTV             High-Definition Television 

HPD              Hot Plug Detect 

IEC                International Electrotechnical Commission 

IEEE              Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 

ITU                International Telecommunications Union 

L-PCM           Linear Pulse-Code Modulation 

LSb               least significant bit 

MPEG           Moving Picture Experts Group 

MSb              most significant bit 

N.C.               No connect. 

PCB              Printed Circuit Board 

Rx                 Receiver 

SMPTE          Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers 

STB               Set-Top Box 

TERC4           TMDS Error Reduction Coding 4 bit 

TMDS            Transition Minimized Differential Signaling 

Tx                  Transmitter 

VESA Video   Electronics Standards Association 

VSDB            Vendor-Specific Data Block 

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