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HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) Print

High-Definition Multimedia Interface
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A digital point-to-point interface for audio and video signals from HDMI Licensing, LLC, trademarked both as an acronym logo and full text name. Like DVI, HDMI is mostly based on Silicon Image's TMDS technology and is backward compatible with DVI. Introduced in 2002 by the HDMI consortium (Hitachi, Philips, Matsushita, Silicon Image, Sony, Thomson and Toshiba), HDMI was designed as a common interface for devices from set-top boxes to digital TVs (DTVs). It supports 165 megapixels per second, which is nearly 5 Gbps and more than sufficient for high-definition DTV at its highest resolution.

HDMI is expected to provide a single-cable solution that replaces a variety of different cable types used in home theater systems, including stereo and multi-channel audio, component video and S-video. HDMI is electrically identical with DVI (single link), but uses a smaller 19-pin connector and dedicates an additional pin to the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) channel for device control. Although HDMI has its own enhanced protocols that also support audio and auxiliary data packets, an HDMI source can detect a DVI device on the other end and switch to the DVI protocol. HDMI-to-DVI cables are available for DVI-based equipment. For more information, visit www.hdmi.org.

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